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this workshop will be offered in Tucson

Shells upon a Shell


Basic Bead Embroidery Pendant

In this workshop we will focus on the basics. I will teach you a strong foundation of bead embroidery along with peyote stitch, edging and fringe.




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2016 Workshops are now listed

Raised Texture Pendant

Raised Texture Workshops


Sea Star Necklace

This workshop you will create with a beautiful Nautilus Shell, embellished with a  enameled starfish, varies shells, crystal pearls, crystals and Japanese glass seed beads. Every kit will be different and you will choose the one that is perfect for you

Various colors will be available.


Raised Texture Puzzle Piece

What is a Puzzle Piece?

Puzzle Piece is my way of saying finding the perfect placement of the beads.  With my Raised Texture techniques and the free-form style, nothing is ever drawn out.  Starting with my focal bead doing a strong foundation of bead embroidery and creating my peyote bands and waves allows the creation and magic to prevail.  Creating a wearable piece of art and placing it upon a vessel.

What is a Vessel?

A vessel is a object that you will attach your beaded art piece upon once finished. 

Whether is is a shell, piece of wood, stone or a glass bottle of plate.  Creating an artful piece that you can display in your home.  Again, this is another magical moment when the perfect vessel shows up after you have created your piece.  


Shibori Silk Wrist Wraps

Shibori silk ribbon creates a wavy texture and silkiness that is the perfect canvas for raised texture beading. In this class you will create a cuff from your choice of many one-of-a-kind kits offered at class.

  Limited Kits Available

check out my etsy store!

Kits are available on Etsy and upcoming shows

Bring Back Barbie for the Big Girls!!

Vintage Barbie's repurposed for a more glamour look! Barbie has never looked so good.  Add some Shibori Silk Ribbon, cup chain, some beads and you've created a masterpiece!

Instructions & Kits:

Beauty of the Sea

Now available on Etsy

Jody's bead artistry has been recognized once again in
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

"Garden of Romance"
Gold Medal Prize winner.
Fire Mountain Gems
and Beads Contest 2014 featuring Seed Beads

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Next Retreat will be Spring 2017


Jody Young

Raised Texture Art

"Maui on My Mind"

This piece was created while living in Maui for the NaPu Gallery advent at the Grand Waliea.

Removable Mermaid Headband placed upon a glass head with white coral.  Placed upon a large piece of Ocean Jasper.

"Washed Upon the Shore"

Mermaid Shoes.  These shoes where given to me by the director of the Gallery in Maui as a challenge.  They are Gloria Vanderbilt from the 1980's era.  I thought to myself ....I remember wearing something similar to these in my business days.

I removed the heals and placed large shells in their place. Using resin for my corals and sand from the beach for my base.  Then started creating and beading my Puzzle Pieces.

These art piece was shown at the Full Moon Review Gala Night.  So proud that I was front and center of the show and passed my challenge.

Four Elements
Wall Hangings

Dancing with Fire

Seven Spirits Of the Sea


Ladies of the Light


Mothers of the Earth


These wall hangings were my first creations using my "Raised Texture" beading techniques. They took me over a year to complete them all. They become part of my life's journey  have a very special spiritual meaning along with a story.

See more under wall hangings in Gallery section.

"I am truly grateful and honored that my work is being recognized," says Jody.  "Beading comes from my soul.  I try to allow each bead to speak through its color, size, shape, and texture.  I never draw anything by hand.  In the end, these pieces seem to come alive with the natural heartbeat of nature."

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