Walnut Creek

Bead & Design Show



Offering 2 days of workshop and will have booth too!


Blossom Under the Sea


Walnut Creek, CA

Sunday 10-5

March 24, 2018



Rags to Richness


Walnut Creek, Ca

Sunday 10-5

March 25th, 2018





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Exciting News!

“Raised Texture Beading”  book in underway and I will be self publishing.  I have been working on this project for years and proud to say I am making progress.  I know that all of you have been waiting and I promise it will be coming out soon. 


Beyond The Boundaries with Beads






Welcome to my Art Site!

This is a place to get INSPIRED!

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My purpose and journey is to INSPIRE you!

I was the little girl that colored outside the lines and have continued it through my adult years.  Allow me the pleasure to show you how easy and freeing it is.

“Raised Texture Beading” style is free-form (no patterns to follow), allowing you let the beads speak to you through color, texture and placement. I use a variation of stitches to create movement and texture throughout your beadwork allowing your work to come alive! These workshops will change the way you look, see and create with beads….


Flight of the Feather

Limited workshop in Portland

April 7th, 2018



New: upcoming home workshop


Playing in more mixed mediums to add my beadwork to.

Acrylic Paint Pouring  has been my newest medium.   I started out making lots of canvas to add my beadwork to, then I got another idea to make some jewelry pieces.  This is what I have created so far. 




Lots Kits are now listed

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Jody Young


What's Up!

I have been busy beading and creating this winter and enjoying my hibernation time here in the Northwest. 

My focus has been to do some wall hangings and I have completed a few of them.  (working on another one now)

Many hours of beading  keeps me happy and sane during the winter months.




Silver Mermaid

My newest design on the Silver Mermaid Wall Hanging has an detachable necklace on the bottom with options of neck piece, which are used as the hanger for this wall hanging.  Yes, this is over the top with lots of design and engineering  elements.

Truly amazing piece of artwork! 



Silver Lining




See more inspiration in my Gallery 






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