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Blossom Under the Sea



Silver Mermaid



Silver Lining



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Welcome to my Art Site!

This is a place to get INSPIRED!

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My purpose and journey is to INSPIRE you!

I was the little girl that colored outside the lines and have continued it through my adult years.  Allow me the pleasure to show you how easy and freeing it is.

“Raised Texture Beading” style is free-form (no patterns to follow), allowing you let the beads speak to you through color, texture and placement. I use a variation of stitches to create movement and texture throughout your beadwork allowing your work to come alive! These workshops will change the way you look, see and create with beads….


Flight of the Feather

New and Limited workshop Jan 20-21, 2018


Playing in more mixed mediums to add my beadwork to.

Acrylic Paint Pouring  has been my newest medium.   I started out making lots of canvas to add my beadwork to, then I got another idea to make some jewelry pieces.  This is what I have created so far. 





Jody Young


Playing with Fibers:

Rags to Richness

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Upcoming : Silk-Fiber Bags


Romance of the Sea


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