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Conversation Stick

Very special workshop and I have enough to do one more workshop. I will keep you post when and where



Sister-Spirit Retreat

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Welcome to my Art Site!

This is a place to get INSPIRED, stay informed and register for workshops.

2017 Workshops/Shows are now listed


New Designs



NEW- Fiber Art Bracelets

Exploring with fibers has been a new experience to play with. I am always looking for something new and fun to bead upon and found it! Creating these hand felted pieces with many different types of fibers and material has been another creative way to explore more texture and interest into my beadwork.

New- Pocket Full Posie

Creative way to use these special shell pockets. They work perfect for filling and tucking in unique hand carved shell flowers and other beads creating a beautiful flower bouquet…becoming a light weight wearable unique piece of art.


Raised Texture Workshops

Being influenced by the sea this workshop is designed around shells, pearls and other elements that will allow you to create a beautiful piece of wearable art that reflects the coral reef.


This is a fun workshop that will give you  the basic of different stitches. ...Moonshine scissor fob is made with a pigskin leather, bone moon face and comes with a nice pair of scissors. 

Wishing everyone a blessed new year filled with joy, light and love.


My Journey continues:  

 The past year has been so amazing and extremely busy.  I have done so much travel that I have even earned MVP status with Alaska.  Traveling by air to all my venues I have mastered the packing and weight limitation on my luggage. Shuttles have been my way of transportation and hotel rooms have been very comfy and my second home.

While in California and being a free-spirited  person I decided to stay for 3 weeks and  I was blessed with wonderful women that hosted and drove me while I was in-between shows. What a blast that was and I thank each and one of you! Cheers to great memories and friendships...

I love my job and feel so  honored to share what I love to do with each on of you in all the workshops. I want to thank all of you that spent hours of creative time with me!

Certain venues my daughter Angie travels with me and attends my booth while I am teaching. I am one lucky lady that gets to spend this special time with Angie and if you have had the privilege to meet her you know what I mean.

Now that I am home for few months one of my many focuses  has been organizing my studio... which has taken me 2  solid weeks... and its almost done!  Allowing  me to work in a clean inspiring environment to create and be inspired for the coming year. 

While cleaning my studio I found so many treasures that I will be listing on my etsy site and have also decided to Retire some of my past workshop kits.

2017 is going to be another busy one.  I am going to be  selective  and I am looking forward to doing some different venues and includes travels to the east coast.

One of my goals is to finish my book!  So I will need to stay home for this undertaking.

I am also working on some art pieces for upcoming completion's, articles for publication and gallery showings.

Yes, I am busy lady doing everything for my business by myself.  (no employees) It is a lot of work preparing for workshops....making designs, creating my own one-of-kind kits , writing instructions and  also keeping up on my  etsy site. I almost have even mastered doing my own web-site.  But, I Love It!

I have so much to be grateful for and share my life with a understanding husband for the past 38 years, 2 beautiful daughters and 3 amazing granddaughters. Life is good!

As charmed as my life my seem there is still cleaning, laundry, and cooking....darn it!




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Instructions & Kits:

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Jody Young

I love what I do and want to share it with YOU!!!!


Four Elements
Wall Hangings

Dancing with Fire

Seven Spirits Of the Sea


Ladies of the Light


Mothers of the Earth


These wall hangings were my first creations using my "Raised Texture" beading techniques years ago.

See more in Gallery 


Beading comes from my soul.  I try to allow each bead to speak through its color, size, shape, and texture.  I never draw anything by hand.  In the end, these pieces seem to come alive with the natural heartbeat of nature."



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