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I find my vessels by fate and and I'm led by the universe. I bead a piece before I find the vessel it will become a part of. After I complete a Bead Art-Worth piece, the vessel just appears. Sometimes it may take some time, but usually it happens fast. I'm always amazed on how fast the universe can work. I am so grateful for the gifts that just appear in front of me.

Universal Twilight 



Restful Waters 



Blue Lagoon






Finds of Treasures on the Shore



Rusty Russ



Tides at Dawn 




4" tall x 5.5" wide



Eyes of the Sea



As with most women, I love to shop. On my travels I am always on the lookout for interesting vessels.  The 'hunt' is a part of me.  Visiting unique shops awaits something special. Pier-One is a great place for unique and different vessels. I am always and forever drawn to the perfect display and vessel for my work.

In 2008 I found Marilyn Holland's Pottery work in a gallery in Maui. I love to work with her pieces! They are handmade with Aloha in Maui. I was able to meet up with Marilyn and now she is making pieces specifically for my beadwork. I am inspired by the shapes and colors which influence my bead-work. Marilyn is also known for her monk heads and shows all her work at the Four Seasons in Maui. I am so thankful that I was led to Marilyn and thank her for being a part of my Bead Art-Worth.

While in Oahu I attended a retreat with Marilyn Radzat - an incredible artist utilizing different mediums and creating art out of clay. This was a new medium for me and during the retreat I made a sea turtle. On a previous trip to Maui I had beaded a piece that now had a home - it was a perfect fit for the top of my turtle. Marilyn was an excellent inspiration to me and I thank her for all her encouragement.

Other vessels can be gifts from nature. I use a lot of shells and wood. I find these gifts anywhere and everywhere I go. Just walking the beach or in the forest. My husband Paul is an earth soul and can find the most incredible treasures. All too often I will be working on or just completing a piece and he comes home with the perfect find.  He is always amazed at how it 'just works' that way. I have shared the past 33 years with Paul and I'm so very grateful for his positive attitude and his patience.

I am also gifted with wonderful family, friends, customers and students. They tend to gift me with other vessel items. If I receive a special vessel before the bead-work is done, I let it sit and in time, it will let me know what to do with it. I am so blessed and thank everyone who has touched my life.


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