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Jody's bead artistry has been recognized once again in
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

"Garden of Romance"
Gold Medal Prize winner.
Fire Mountain Gems
and Beads Contest 2014 featuring Seed Beads


Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' contest 2010, featuring seed beads



Bronze Medal Prize Winner!
Category: Home Decor and Doll

 Vision of the Third Eye and Peter Insight

Fire Mountain Gems, 2010-11
 - Featured cover artist,

Jewelry Maker's Comprehensive Catalog                



Mothers of the Earth featured on the cover of Fire Mountain Gems "The Jewelry Maker's Comprehensive Catalog" 2010-11

Na Pua Gallery, Grand Wailea

I was very fortunate to have been accepted into the 'Artist in Residence at the Grand Wailea and showing my work in the gallery.

Grand Wailea, Wailea, Maui Hawaii


Profitable Glass, Winter 2010 Page 63, Fire Mountain Gems ad

Universal Twilight

Rock & Gem, December 2010
Page 15, Fire Mountain Gems ad

Rock & Gem, November 2010
Page 11, Fire Mountain Gems ad

Spring in the Sea

Bead Unique
, Fall/Winter 2010 Dept: Gallery (page 16)

Wisdom of the Forest



Bead & Button, October 2010
Dept: Your Work (page 16)

Pacific Dawn


Bead & Button, April 1997
  Button Brooches, Bead around a Button

"I am truly grateful and honored that my work is being recognized," says Jody.  "Beading comes from my soul.  I try to allow each bead to speak through its color, size, shape, and texture.  I never draw anything by hand.  In the end, these pieces seem to come alive with the natural heartbeat of nature."

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