Setting a good foundation in the beginning with proper bead embroidery  of your beadwork is so important....just like life






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Most supplies can be purchased through

Kits are Available on my etsy store

My kits are plentiful with all the beads you will need to create your piece. I like to make it easy for you to start your creative process.    



Creating a Perfect Pallet
I will spend a day or two creating the perfect pallet for my projects and kits.  Starting with my focal and adding all the other items I may want to use in the project.  I tend to pull more beads then necessary, for you never can have to many choices.
Above:  Ocean Jasper, pearls, seed beads, bubbles, crystals, shells, stone and corals.


Getting Started
Using the proper Supplies

Lacy's Stiff Stuff is beading foundation that made for bead embroidery and I would recommend not using a Pellon material that you can buy at a fabric store.  There is a difference on the way it is woven.  It can be dyed easily enough if you don't like the white.  Although with the Raised Texture beading style you will not see any white when completed.

Beading Needles
Pony size 10 and size 12.  Size 10 will go through all your Japanese seed beads and you may need change to a size 12 for pearls and smaller holed accent beads.

Beading Thread
One-G made by Toho is my favorite thread and made by the seed bead company.  I love the strength, silkiness and find that it doesn't fray or tangle easy.   I use beige color for most projects for it is very neutral.

I am not known for gluing any of my beads down, although I will use two different types of glue.  Weld Bond is a nice non-toxic glue that can be found at Ace Hardware and I do use this to lightly glue my leather down onto the back of my beadwork give it a tackiness that allows me finish up my piece with a edging stitch. Special 'T' glue is my newest find and is instant.  I works great for those focals that you are fighting and need a bit a only takes a drop.



Seed Beads
I prefer Japanese seed beads in varies sizes.  Most of my work is with size 11 and use size 15 for the fine detail and to decrease my peyote stitch around my focal.  Size 8 and bugles will also add a nice texture to your work.  I do like using size 8 charlotte cuts beads that come from czech republic for some of my bead embroidery which adds some sparkle. Bubble beads are a most on all projects

Of course I love SHELLS! Being the Mermaid I am. In Raised Texture beading the focal doesn't need to be perfect shaped.  The more odd shaped it is works better for it will give the movement and interest in your piece which allows you to design around it.  It is easier if it has a hole, but not necessary. I personally find it a great challenge to secure my focal down with beading only...meaning no glue.


Accent Beads
Whether you are using shells, pearls, glass or stone try to find interesting shapes and sizes. In Raised Texture Beading it is important not to be to uniformed to create the texture needed to make your piece come to life.

There are times you may want to use uniform shapes and sizes depending on your design. Australian crystal will give your piece some sparkle and bling. I do use lots of crystals in  my pieces.

I back all my pieces with a pig skin leather which comes in beautiful colors. I prefer the feeling of reel leather and pig skin is soft enough that it can be stitched through.  Others may prefer to us ultra-suede which works fine and is a bit easier to stitch through.



I like using unique and good quality in sterling silver or gold filled clasp.  My favorite is a slide clasp for my bracelets and toggles for my necklaces.





Shibori Silk
This silk is a nice canvas for beading . it is fairly new to the beading world and I use it in my Wrist Wraps, Barbie, Nautilus shell and Button Box Jewelry workshops and other kits.  The colors, texture, waviness and flow is perfect for beading upon.  It is hand dyed in the USA and is quite the art in it self.  I have a great appreciation for the ones that create this beautiful silk for us to bead upon.


Vintage Velvet and Lace
I have used some embossed vintage velvet and different types of vintage lace in me designs this years.  Something fun and different with a very Victorian flare. 

Studio Organizing

Organizing and setting up your Studio can be one of the biggest challenges that us beaders face. I found that hanging my strands on these room dividers was a great help to allow me to see all of them.  The colored drawers had there purpose for holding other supplies, along with the other baskets.  I feel that it is very important to display your work for self worth of completion and inspiration. Good light is essential and I was lucky enough to have this beautiful space in Maui as my studio with my lani right through the slider.  I do miss this space!

Now that I live back in the Northwest in my home for 30 years.... I have be set up my Studio.  I found that this was a wonderful way to use old crates for my seed beads (as shown above).

I will be lots pictures for you to be inspired by and maybe even helpful for your own working studio. 



My Studio In Maui

    Spokane Studio pics coming soon


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