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My raised-texture beading technique is basically a free-flowing beading form. My free-form design has been my journey for the past 17 years. 

I allow the beads and form to take place through my creative soul; I let the beads talk to me.

Once I choose the focal bead or beads, the creative process begins. I add other elements as the design flows, thus creating its own life. Nothing is ever drawn or planned ahead of time. My Art-Worth pieces come to life through my hands while the beads talk to me.

My workshops are the perfect place to learn my techniques.  Teaching design and color elements and I will share with you my strong bead embroidery foundation.... taking bead embroidery to the next level.  Peyote stitch in a free-form style along with my wave stitches and bands. Many other stitches are taught depending on workshop.  I believe in fine finishing techniques and will teach you. My workshops are more than a class of beading.  If you are not able to join in on my workshops or retreats I do offer kits and instruction on my etsy site.  

This journey began with appliqué stitch when I was a teenager and my grandmother taught me how to embroider. My first success, "Button Box Jewelry", was published in “Bead & Button Magazine’s” April 1997 issue. Many of the stitches I use have been around for years, appliqué, brick, peyote and fringe; however I’ve also created some new stitches which I share in my classes. Although I have been inspired by other bead artists throughout the years, I believe and know that I’ve created something new and exciting in the bead world. I have never seen this form before.

I am currently working on writing my book featuring my raised-texture beading technique.


Raised Texture Puzzle Piece

What is a Puzzle Piece?

Puzzle Piece is my way of saying finding the perfect placement of the beads.  With my Raised Texture techniques and the free-form style, nothing is ever drawn out.  Starting with my focal bead doing a strong foundation of bead embroidery and creating my peyote bands and waves allows the creation and magic to prevail.  Creating a wearable piece of art and placing it upon a vessel.

What is a Vessel?

A vessel is a object that you will attach your beaded art piece upon once finished. 

Whether is is a shell, piece of wood, stone or a glass bottle of plate.  Creating an artful piece that you can display in your home.  Again, this is another magical moment when the perfect vessel shows up after you have created your piece. 


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