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Jody Young, Coral Reef Inspiration
Jody with her Coral Reef collection

Raven Girl
Where Jody finds inspiration

Jody Young is a master bead artist who lived on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and has recently returned to the Pacific Northwest.  Jody owned Beyond Beads Gallery in Spokane, Washington for more than 21 years.  Jody's passion and artistic skills began at the young age of 12.  Today her creations are being recognized as fine art.  These one-of-a-kind pieces, known as 'Bead Art-Worth' truly come alive using Jody's distinctive Raised Textured Beading technique.

Jody draws inspiration for the Bead Art-Worth collection from the natural beauty and rhythm of life.  Earth, water, air and fire are the soul of her work.  Inspiration awaits while strolling the beach, snorkeling, hiking majestic Northwest forest, or simply gazing at the warm glow of a campfire.  The vibrant colors and natural rhythms of nature are uniquely captured in her extraordinary work.

Jody uses the finest quality beads, a mixture of shells, coral, pearls, stone, glass, crystal, and other natural elements. Each bead is meticulously threaded by hand, never glued.  Her Bead Art-Worth collection is finished with a backing of fine, soft leather and is often displayed on natural elements such as shells, rock or wood.

"I am truly grateful and honored that my work is being recognized," says Jody.  "Beading comes from my soul.  I try to allow each bead to speak through its color, size, shape, and texture.  I never draw anything by hand.  In the end, these pieces seem to come alive with the natural heartbeat of nature."

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Bead Art-Worth, Artist Jody Young
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